Is scent a binding element?

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5 min readMay 29, 2020

My explanation to why I am not gross, but how this is actually something that loads of people go through.

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When I first got interested in someone as a teen, I noticed how, while everyone was complaining from their odor, I never had problems with it. Instead, I did not find it bad, but actually pretty attractive! Why though?!

I feel like an animal

It is a commonly known fact that animals have the ability to determine their mutual liking by sniffing one another. This way, they can determine whether or not the other’s genetic heritage is good enough for them to mate with. It also shows the extent of one’s territory and their possessions — just like when our domestic cats rub their snout and whiskers all over the place and even on us; we are part of their territory!

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Now, I do not go around and smell my friends seeking out a possible soulmate, but I would definitely be lying if I said that never have I found someone’s natural scent attractive or alluring. What actually strikes me the most is that those I get along with usually have a natural odor which I can either find tolerable or unperceivable, whilst the one of those I find more pleasant-looking turns out to be highly addicting.

Not only that, I also found a pleasant smelling person to be extremely calming and sensing their odor acts as a direct sedative for my brain. I feel protected. For instance, whenever my ex and I would lay together to watch something on the couch, breathing upon them was my favorite activity. Merely acknowledging that they were there and that I could confide in them was far more than enough (similar to what is being confessed in this very precise article).

But do they really smell good?

I would not exactly say so, that is, although I may find one’s body smell tantalizing, I cannot say that it is the most pleasant smell ever. The notes vary widely, depending on the person and in just two cases I happened to come across two people who had extremely similar odors.

The scent is generally pungent, with slightly to mild acid notes, that can either caress your nostrils or punch your receptors. Never has it been sweet, yet not repulsive either! Normally, I would look for a rather flowery and soothing scent; yet these times it was different and the more I had of it, the more I wanted it. Similar to when we used to buy lemons from this truck along the road that came from Southern Italy to sell fruits, vegetables and plants. Their citruses were so rich and juicy, naked to the touch and protected by a shiny porous peel. Dragging them to your nose was a whole experience in itself and while you could still smell the flower that gave birth to such a majestic fruit, you were soon after brought back to life by a powerful and energizing aroma that normally would have made my dogs run away.

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Interestingly enough, studies have shown that being able to select a potential mate through their body smell is not only a way for us to avoid inbreeding — since, apparently, we can determine how much similarity or variance our partner’s immune system has with us; this being especially true for women (although I would prompt you to read more about the subject in other articles and more thorough publications, such as this one). Not only, we might even be able to discriminate their health, since certain smells could solely be emitted by subjects who suffer from specific diseases (e.g. schizofrenia or diabetes).

Personally, I do consider your fragrance important — perhaps even too much

As people come across each other endless times everyday, they happen to notice some of those passersby because of their smell. I usually do when they emit strong and deterrent odors, like onion, garlic, alcohol or weed. And so do my friends — but it is not our fault if that is the case and they end up being the topic of our conversation!

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Like it or not, the way you smell will interfere with people’s emotions and approach towards you, because it is something that many of us can change and keep under control and so we tend to think that if one smells bad, it automatically means that they do not take care of themselves that they are dirty and maybe even rude. Nonetheless, we cannot be aware of everybody’s personal situation and it might as well be that that person we decided to judge had had a terrible day or week; maybe they lost their job; or perhaps their shower is out of order.

By saying this, I am not excusing all of them — since there are people who simply have no self-respect and fear water more than a straight cat. I just want to point out that — although we all judge everyone else — we simply cannot know the reason behind someone’s condition and thus might as well want to take a moment before venting.

Can it be considered to be an enchantment…?

If I were to answer honestly, I would undoubtedly say ‘yes’. Unfortunately, it is a sort of witchcraft that you cannot lift. You just don’t place a chicken bone in a circle of salt and wait for all of this to disappear.

The truth is that as vigorously as you feel attracted by their smell, as much you love and care for them. Then, it would be futile to say otherwise; I know it and you do as well. Smell will not make you fall from someone — it’s everything else that will seal the deal — , but it will be fundamental as you get closer.

Now I look for lemons

All things considered, I have to admit that never had I thought I would come to this point: science tells me that sweet is bad and experience taught me that pungent is good.

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So, what can I say? I will be picking lemons: searching for those whose scent is not the one of a rose, rather the one of a carrion flower; so must they be, witty, enthusiastic and up to the task (i.e. keeping up with me). Since those will be the ones whose smell will draw me inevitably closer; those I want to be with, experiencing their presence through their own essence.

*Hopefully, I will not have grossed you all out*



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